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"Explain Diabetes,


what causes it
and how to reverse it."

Let me explain diabetes II in simple language. Once you understand what causes it, you will see why in most cases it can be reversed. As in many diseases,
trace minerals play a key role in overcoming diabetes.

The Difference Between
Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Type One Diabetes

As you may know, Type One Diabetes is diagnosed when a person’s pancreas is unable to produce a normal amount of insulin.


Generally a person with Type 1 must take insulin to make up for this deficiency.

Type Two Diabetes

This is a totally different disease. It is both preventable, and for most people, reversible. Type Two Diabetes is a disease of EXCESS INSULIN in the body. For medical proof of this, click here.

On this article we will cover:

1. The Cause of Type 2 Diabetes

2. The Progression of Type 2 Diabetes

3. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

4. Quick Action Steps

1. The Cause of Type Two Diabetes


Too many sugars and starches

In America, we love our carbs. We are addicted to soft drinks, sweet coffee, fruit juice, donuts, desserts, bread, potatoes, and pasta.

Every time we push excessive carbs on our body, our pancreas must produce a flood of insulin to prevent a dangerous spike in blood sugar.

Insulin is a hormone that takes this excessive blood sugar and stores it safely in fat cells.

Insulin spikes are harmful

The problem is, indulging in sweets and carbs becomes a lifestyle. Over and over again we force our pancreas to release high levels of insulin to reign in our blood sugar.

Our pancreas does this so well that we don’t even realize the danger that is knocking at the door.

You see, high levels of insulin are harmful. Our body must do something to protect against these repeated spikes in insulin.

The body's defense against high insulin

How does the body protect itself against insulin spikes? It simply becomes more resistant to insulin.

To explain diabetes, we can liken it to a personal relationship. “If you hurt me, I put up a wall to protect myself from being hurt.”

Each time we gorge on sugars and starches, our insulin spikes. Each time our insulin spikes, our body puts up a wall of defense by becoming more resistant to insulin.

2. The Progression of Diabetes

Insulin resistance IS the disease

To explain diabetes, I ask: "So what’s wrong with our bodies becoming more resistant to insulin?" Everything!

With our body less sensitive to insulin, it takes a greater dose of insulin to bring our blood sugar back down from those carb binges.

Normally, your fasting blood insulin level should be less than 5, and preferably less than 3. As our body becomes more and more resistant to insulin, our fasting insulin level silently rises.

By the time we realize we have a blood sugar problem, fasting insulin levels might be 90 or more. The body has become so resistant to insulin that the pancreas is no longer producing enough to handle our sugar spikes.

The visit to the doctor


We go to the doctor for help. She tells us that we need to reduce our sugar and carb intake, lose weight, and exercise. This is great advice. Next, she puts us on drugs to help our pancreas excrete more insulin, or she actually prescribes that we take insulin.

Now we can’t lose weight because more insulin means storing more sugar in fat cells. The doctor goes on to explain diabetes as a progressive disease, and though we might slow it down, we can’t stop it.

Is this the right answer? Our disease is insulin resistance. We have this disease because we forced our body to produce copious amounts of insulin to counter our sugar and carb binges.

So now the answer is to take drugs to raise our insulin levels even more? This seems illogical. We are treating the symptom (high blood sugar) instead of the disease (insulin resistance).

Where does this course of treatment lead to? First, taking insulin medications seems to empower many diabetics to continue eating carbs and sugars. After all, "I can just take a little more insulin and control my sugar when I binge". This approach greatly accelerates the disease of insulin resistance.

Even if we do adopt a disciplined lifestyle, the disease continues to progress. Why? Because our medications are reinforcing the problem. They are elevating our insulin levels even more, and our body responds by becoming even more insulin resistant.

3. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes

Reduce insulin resistance                             
Picture Info.

Yes, when we properly explain diabetes, the only answer is to address the actual disease, not the symptom.

The way to reverse type 2 diabetes is to lower insulin resistance. This is done primarily by changing one’s lifestyle. Here, a friend of mine shares her personal journey into controlling blood sugar naturally.

1. Radically change your diet

Before diabetes, your diet was high in carbs and sugars. Now, you must change your diet to vegetables, fats and protein. This greatly reduces your body’s need for insulin, and gradually your body will become less resistant to insulin. This diet also helps with weight loss.

But what is the best way to reverse Type 2 Diabetes? According to Dr. Mercola, intermittent fasting holds the greatest potential to totally reverse Type 2 Diabetes. Not only is intermittent fasting effective, it also has the potential to totally reverse Type 2 Diabetes in 1 to 3 months! Here is a video by Dr. Fung that explains this.

2. Build muscle mass

When we do strength training, we build muscle mass. The more muscle, the 
greater the capacity of our muscle to absorb sugar from the blood. This means we don’t need insulin to store as much!

Within weeks of beginning strength training we start to develop more muscle mass, with a noticeable decrease in insulin resistance. Something magical is happening. Our diabetes isn't as bad!

3. Look for natural ways to help lower blood sugar

There are 
numerous natural products that may help to lower blood sugar naturally, without raising insulin levels. Increasing magnesium may even help with this goal.

The sooner that a person finds the ones that work for him or her and is able to decrease or totally get off their medication, the more rapidly their insulin sensitivity can grow.


When I explain diabetes, my goal is to see people completely reverse their disease (insulin resistance), so that they no longer need medications! It has been estimated the 95% of Type 2 Diabetics can control their blood sugar by diet, exercise, and natural products.

4. Quick Action Steps

The following is my formula for overcoming type 2 diabetes. Except for point 5, each of the following could prove very beneficial for us all, not just diabetics.

Our Goal in each of these steps:  to minimize the need for insulin.

  1. Minimize carbs, especially white sugar, white rice, regular potatoes, and products made from white flour, including most pastas.
    For the carbs you do eat, try to eat raw sugar, brown or wild rice, sweet potatoes, and products made from wheat flour, including pasta.

  2. Do strength training. The new muscle mass created will have an ability to store sugar. The result is that insulin is not needed to deal with the sugar that is stored in this new muscle mass.
    Short, high intensity exercise is great for building new muscle mass. I have used an exercise bike and weight lifting to accomplish this.

  3. Do intermittent fasting.
    According to this article, Type 2 diabetic patients who did 24-hour fasting three times a week or every other day were able to stop taking insulin within a month. 

    In another trial, Type 2 diabetics placed on a severely restricted calorie diet where they ate just 600 calories a day for eight weeks were disease-free by the end of the fasting program.

    Intermittent fasting helps to convert the body over from burning sugar to burning fat. It will also probably help in weight loss.

    Here is a video by Dr Jason Fung on how to restore insulin sensitivity:

More Quick Action Steps

  1. While doing intermittent fasting, you can eat 30 calories or less and keep the benefits. I usually start the morning with 4 pecan halves and a sip of real milk. Later I will take some Kombucha tea or some milk kefir.

  2. Increase healthy fat consumption, and eat more vegetables. Eat meat in moderation.
  3. Add 10 to 20 drops of Gymnema Sylvestre Herbal Supplement to 16 ounces of water and drink, especially after meals. This can help to reduce the absorption of sugars by the body. This means that less insulin is needed to deal with those sugars.

  4. Take 500 mg. to 1,000 mg. of Ester-C Vitamin C. This brand tends to be better absorbed, and is available in 250 mg gummies, or 1,000 mg. caplets. Find at Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, etc.

  5. In the winter, we take 5,000 I.U.'s of Vitamin D3. We take 2,000 I.U.'s in the spring and fall. It is best to only take it in the summer if you get very little sun, as the skin can produce sufficient vitamin D3 in the summer time.

  6. Take 1 to 3 capsules of Sea Vegetables. The best choice is a product containing a good blend of red, green and brown seaweeds. Sea vegetables supply an amazing amount of nutrients, including hundreds of phytonutrients.

  7. Except for those with kidney disease, take 1/2 to 1 teaspoon of Ionic Sea Minerals a day.

  8. Take 1,000 mg. of Krill Oil for needed Omega 3 fatty acids. In my book, this is the best source for Omega 3's.

  9. Take 8 to 10 mg. of Astaxanthin. This is the best antioxidant for eyesight, and may even help in the prevention of cataracts. Hawaiian Astaxanthin is an excellent brand.
    I saw a marked improvement in my eyesight when I started taking this.

I enjoy doing all of the above, except of course for #5. I do not have a blood sugar problem, but all of these are excellent just for general health. In fact, following these guidelines may be beneficial for many health problems.

Video - there are no essential carbs

Juicing can help

Juicing nutrient dense vegetables can play a major role in overcoming Type 2 Diabetes. The best place to get these vegetables is in your own vegetable gardenTrace minerals are a key to growing vegetables that are full of nutrients and healing power!

My prayer is for each of us to be disciplined in our eating and exercise, and that through this those with Type 2 will be restored to health.

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