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How to Cure Constipation
and Enjoy Daily Bowel Movements


For many years I didn't know how to cure constipation. Unless a person is on some kind of juice or water fast where they eat very little, it is so helpful to have at least 1 bowel movement a day, and some people are suited for two or three.

For many years I only had one bowel movement every 3 or 4 days. Then when it was time for elimination, it was often painful, plus I developed a hemorrhoid from trying to force things to happen.

Why are regular bowel movements so important?

The bowel is the body’s number one means for eliminating toxins. When we don’t have daily bowel movements, the body looks for 
other less desirable ways (click, then scroll down to the middle of the pg.) of getting rid of these toxins. Therefore, learning how to cure constipation is important.

Chronic Constipation is Unhealthy

As constipation becomes chronic, the bowel becomes lined with decaying fecal matter, and it can become a real health issue.

First, this decay can be a source of infection.

Second, toxins get recirculated back into the body.

Third, a person’s body tries to flush out this fecal matter that is caked to the walls of the colon. The result is watery diarrhea (irritable bowel syndrome). Many mistakenly believe their irritable bowel syndrome means their bowels are too loose, but it's actually an advanced stage of constipation.

Possible Solutions for Constipation

I have tried numerous things as I’ve looked for how to cure constipation. Here are a number of ideas for how to cure constipation that can be helpful.

  1. Exercise can help to get things moving.
  2. Probiotics are helpful for digestive issues.
  3. Virgin coconut oil, full of fiber, helps clean the colon.
  4. Whole grain bread works for many, especially REAL bread.
  5. Fruit and vegetables can help, as they are loaded with fiber. They are even healthier when loaded with trace minerals.
  6. Juicing is helpful, especially juicing green leafy vegetables. Juicing works even better if you use a juicer like the Omega 8004, which keeps more of the pulp in the juice.

The Best Solution I've Found for Constipation


Did I discover how to cure constipation? I believe so. In his article, "Natural Constipation Relief Strategies", Dr. Mercola speaks of the harm that chronic use of laxatives, including natural laxatives like Senna or Cassia, can cause.

But Dr. Mercola does recommend regular use of a magnesium supplement. To quote him, "Aloe Vera and magnesium supplements can also be useful tools to speed up your bowel movements". He is so right!

In 2006 I started taking a teaspoon of Ionic Sea Minerals every evening as my mineral supplement, and miraculously, within a day or two I was having normal, daily bowel movements.

My wife, who is a Registered Nurse, started taking it, too, and her constipation vanished as well! We both are so happy about our frequent, soft bowel movements. Read her story here.

What a blessing! The Ionic minerals have given us total control of our bowels. Of course, the foods we eat affect our bowels as well, so if I ever need a looser stool, I just take an extra quarter teaspoon of minerals. If my stool gets a little too loose, I just back off by a quarter teaspoon. Click here for a printable pdf of directions for taking Ionic Sea Minerals.

CAUTION. If you have kidney disease, only take Ionic Sea Minerals under the advice of your doctor. Healthy kidneys easily filter out extra magnesium not needed by the body. However, if your kidneys are not functioning properly, magnesium can accumulate in your system, and a magnesium toxicity can occur.

Is chugging or daily use better?

Both our daughter and son deal with constipation their own way. They use a technique that I don't necessarily recommend. They put 2 teaspoons of Ionic Sea Minerals in a few ounces of juice and chug it. (At this concentration the minerals are bitter. Fortunately, chasing it with a sip of juice quickly flushes out the bitter taste)

My daughter said it makes their tummies rumble and feel uneasy. But they actually like the feeling, because it means relief is on the way, usually within 30 minutes. She said this technique works in much the same way as taking an enema (which she is only too familiar with).

But why struggle with constipation in the first place? With daily use of Ionic Sea Minerals my wife and I (and countless others) have daily, soft, extremely easy to pass bowel movements. When I get the urge to go, I sit down, and most of the time within 10 seconds it's all done but the paperwork.

A mineral supplement for constipation?

How is it that a mineral supplement can help with constipation? One explanation is that the Ionic Sea Minerals contain 106% of the U.S. RDA of Magnesium in each one teaspoon serving!

So if you are searching for how to cure constipation, that search may be over! Do you remember "Phillips Milk of Magnesia"? Magnesium is its active ingredient. It softens the stool and gives a gentle urge to go.

As stated above, Ionic Sea Minerals contain 106% of the US recommended daily allowance of magnesium and only costs $2.75 a month when purchased in the larger size.

Plus, it is a mineral supplement that is designed to be taken daily. It supplies valuable trace minerals that most people just don't get enough of.

Helping Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Since Irritable Bowel Syndrome is really just an advanced form of constipation, I recommended to a couple of friends suffering from Irritable Bowel that they try the minerals. It took a good month, but they finally started having normal bowel movements. How cool is that!

Masking the Taste

Though I generally take a teaspoon of minerals each day in a tall glass of water, most people prefer to mask the taste with grape juice, lemonade, carrot juice, vegetable juice, chocolate milk, or something similar.

The more liquid you mix the minerals into, the more it masks the taste. It only took me a few days to acclimate my body to the taste. Now my constipation problem is a distant memory!

As I mentioned above, I have been taking Ionic Sea Minerals since 2006. After a few months, I became somewhat used to the taste, and started to take the minerals in a tall glass of water. However, most people prefer one of the following ways to take Ionic Sea Minerals!

Three Painless Ways to Take Sea Minerals


Two or three times a week when I play tennis, I use the minerals in place of Gatorade as an electrolyte. I put one and a half teaspoons in a 3 quart juice container, fill it with water, and add some lemon flavored Crystal Lite Pure (no harmful artificial sweeteners). Since the Ionic Sea Minerals are low in sodium, I also add about half a tsp. of sea salt.

I think it tastes good, and does a great job keeping me hydrated.

I even took some samples for my tennis buddies to try, and they all thought it tasted pretty good, too. One of them started using Ionic Sea Minerals every time he plays to stop his muscles from cramping.

Concentrated sea minerals are the best electrolyte I know of, since ocean water contains magnesium, potassium, and all the trace minerals found in the ocean.



I always put some Sea Minerals into my
fresh vegetable juice. I just add the minerals to 14 to 21 ounces of juice (my daily allotment), drink it before each meal, and don’t even notice that the minerals are there.

Of course, many of the vegetables I use for juicing are chocked full of nutrients. I harvest them myself from my vegetable garden.

Can you believe it? Ionic Sea Minerals are also sold as a micronutrient fertilizer for plants!

The vegetables in my garden are super nutritious, because I feed them with the fertilizer form of ionic sea minerals. My crops are healthier, more insect resistant, and are super nutritious!



Max-Well has a 1.25 ounce dropper dispenser bottle that can be carried in a purse or computer bag. The label says EBoost 76, but it is the same great Ionic Sea Minerals. Whenever you drink something, it is so easy to add in a few drops of minerals. This actually enhances the taste of some drinks, and is a great way to take the Ionic Minerals.


Most Americans are constipated from time to time, and unfortunately for many constipation is a daily struggle.

I am so glad that I found such an easy way to keep my stools loose, and my bowels moving freely. No more straining, with the result that my hemorrhoid vanished as well! Perhaps you could use some of these minerals?

Don’t wait.

Get a bottle today and experience
this constipation remedy for yourself.

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