nutrient dense grass

Keep Your Moisture while on a Budget



AG-USA has numerous applications available to help you keep your moisture on your ground. Here are some options. Each of these products is highly concentrated.

  • $9.99 an acre*
    A 10 oz./acre application of MyCorrPlus A. This application is for low production pastures that have not had any chemical applications in the past 2 or 3 years. 

    It contains what is needed to begin the process to increase yields AND nutrient density of these pastures. 

    But more than this, it initiates the process for rapid formation of new topsoil.


  • $14.98 an acre*
    A 15 oz./acre application of MyCorrPlus A. This is for transforming pastures where light chemical applications have been made.


  • $20 to $40 an acre*
    A 20 to 40 oz./acre application of MyCorrPlus A. This is the recommended application of MyCorrPlus A for most applications. 20 ounces is sufficient for most farmlands, but applying 30 to 40 ounces per acre accelerates the cleaning up and structuring of the soil for quicker results!

    On our video page you can hear Mike Cunningham tell how a 14 oz. application resulted in a 35% increase in grass, but that where he put on a 40 oz. application it yielded an amazing 73% increase over the control plots on the immediate left and right of the test plot.

    Want to grow more hay? Start with a 20 to 40 oz. application, then apply another 10 to 20 ounces immediately after each cutting.

  • $16.65 to $33.30 an acre foliar applications*
    A 1 to 1.5 quart per acre application of MyCorrPlus C.
    This application is only recommended when you have accomplished all that you can with MyCorrPlus A (see above) but still want to do more. Not only can one or more applications of MyCorrPlus C increase yields, but it can also help to increase protein, test weights and relative feed value.

    These foliar -applications may be chosen by hay farmers who want greater yields without the use of chemical fertilizers, or by those who grow row crops, fruit or vegetables.



*This is the price per acre when purchased by the bucket


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