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Consider this your master guide to vegetable gardening.
It is a growing database of links to articles about planting, growing and harvesting individual vegetables and fruits.

Here is a link to our first two articles.  More articles will follow in the upcoming weeks and months.

Growing potatoes

Growing squash

Growing Sugar Snap Peas

Garden vegetables can be helpful


How would you like to be vibrantly healthy?  Chronic health conditions begin to fade, extra pounds drop off.

Many aches and pains disappear. Your energy increases, and you actually feel good most of the time.

A dream, you say? But many have seen this become their reality. I am one of them.

My blood pressure and pulse have dropped to normal levels, I have lost 35 pounds, and acquired so much energy that I routinely bound up the stairs two at a time.

At age 55, my deteriorating eyesight is actually improving, and many of my aches and pains have disappeared.












A big secret to healthy living is growing and eating healthy, healing foods.

After all, some of the best “medicine” available is nutrient dense food grown in a healthy garden. Especially a garden enhanced by sea minerals.

This is especially true when these foods are prepared in such a way as to take full advantage of the wonderful enzymes, minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients they have to offer.

What if you can't garden?

  • Some people with no room for a garden are able to grow a small garden in containers on their porch.
  • Do you have a Farmer's Market in your area? Before I had room for a garden I bought vegetables from a local grower. He even agreed to fertilize his garden with sea minerals. This made his produce so much more beneficial
    My friend, Scott Tyler, talks about nutrients found in his organically grown food on his website.
  • Is there someone that sells organic produce from their home? We buy from such a vender during those times that produce from our garden is scarce.

Garden produce is so much more nutritious than most store bought vegetables and fruits.  I hope that this growing guide to planting, growing and harvesting various vegetables and fruits is helpful to you.

Happy Gardening!

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