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Liquid Sea Minerals
Can be Very Helpful

Liquid sea minerals are ionic minerals. An Ionic mineral has either one less electron than protons, giving them a positive charge, or one extra electron, giving it a negative charge.

This electrical charge is what allows them to be dissolved into water. Much larger colloidal minerals will not dissolve into water, but are simply held in suspension.

Ionic minerals are just one of a number of options of how to supply the body with needed trace minerals.

Two sources of liquid sea minerals

One source is the Great Salt Lake in the USA, whose waters are
3.5 to 8 times saltier than ocean water. This lake has all the minerals found in the ocean, but in different percentages than ocean water.


A second source is concentrated ocean water. Aussie sea minerals is a low sodium sea mineral concentrate from Australia. They use evaporation to remove 99% of the water. During the evaporation process, 99% of the sodium and most of the chloride precipitate from solution. The resulting super dense liquid sea minerals are low in sodium, but rich in magnesium. A second product, Ocean Solution, is concentrated 4 to 8 times, and retains all the sodium chloride of ocean water. Click here to learn of my experiences with sea mineral products.

Do we need all 76 minerals?

There are
76 minerals in sea water. The value of many of these minerals to the human body has not yet been established. However, in his book entitled Minerals for the Genetic Code, Richard Olree presents his case that there are 74 minerals and subatomic particles that are needed by our body.

How ionic sea minerals have helped me


Liquid sea minerals offer the body the full buffet of minerals found in the ocean. For quite a number of years, my wife and I have been taking at least a teaspoon a day. When we started taking them, we both noted an increase in energy, and an end to constipation.

Here’s another effect that I have noted. I love to play volleyball and tennis. But when I play, I sweat a lot. This used to always result in a headache. I found that Gatorade helped to reduce this, but didn’t eliminate it. But once I started taking the sea minerals, the headaches disappeared. Ionic sea minerals also provide minerals needed to hydrate the body to reduce muscle cramping.

For plants

I know quite a number of individuals, including myself, who have used liquid sea minerals on their farm or garden. The results have been very positive.

Ways ionic sea minerals may be helpful

  • Electrolytes for pre-hydrating or re-hydrating the body. For me, they work better than Gatorade.
  • Restoring minerals to RO or distilled water (1/4 tsp. per gallon). Its not healthy to drink empty water.
  • Helping to regulate bowel movements.
  • Adding a few drops to a carbonated drink can help to reduce the harmful effects of carbonization.
  • An excellent magnesium supplement. Most Americans don’t get enough magnesium. Getting the right amount of magnesium may mean better performance for athletes. For instance, a friend of mine said that he noted an increase in the reps he could do in his weight lifting.
  • Minerals that may help the body to maintain proper pH balance.
  • As a topical application to nourish damaged skin. In fact, I know of a wonderful skin care product that uses sea minerals as its base.
  • Its Magnesium may help with calcium utilization for stronger teeth, joints and bones.
  • For improved animal health
  • Adding it to cooking is a way of reducing sodium, yet retaining the salt flavor. There has been a marked decrease in the amount of trace minerals we get in our food. This can help to make up for this deficiency.
  • As a trace mineral fertilizer in your garden.

I hope you will find liquid sea minerals can make a difference in your life.

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