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Increasing Your
Regenero-Active Biophotons is
Like Finding the Fountain of Youth!


1. Degenero-Active Biophotons

These biophotons are found in things that are composting or dying. Degenero-Active have ability to recycle life. They will open to the hexagonal shape but have no Star of David, just a hole in the center.

2. Genero-Active Biophotons

These Bio-photons maintain life. They are larger than Degenero-Active, have more structure, open to a hexagonal shape, and contain a Star of David in the center. They have the ability to sustain life.

3. Regenero-Active Biophotons

These Bio-photons have the ability to regenerate life. Trace minerals may be one of the secrets to more of them. They are large and highly structured, with as many as 8 hexagon-within-a-hexagon layers, and have a Star of David within a Star of David.

We want to ingest food and water into our bodies that is LOADED with Regenero-Active Bio-photons! Click here to learn more about the Biophoton.

When are vegetables highest in Biophotons?

  1. Raw food is a great source. Cooking destroys them.
  2. Young vegetables, that is, vegetables.that haven't reached their full size,.have more.
  3. The fresher the fruit and vegetables,.the more Biophotons they have. So juicing.right after picking works best.
  4. Vegetables that have been watered regularly with highly structured water have many more.
  5. Freezing foods greatly decreases their number.

Structured water for garden,
drinking water, and the whole house


At our house, we have a Biophoton generator on our garden hose that highly structures the water. We feed our vegetables regeneroactive Biophotons! By drinking the juice of the produce I grow in our garden, it increases the number of Regenero-Active Biophotons in our bodies.

This is why our juice is so incredibly healthy. Not only is the juice loaded with Biophotons, but it has the great advantage of concentrated sea minerals.


We also have a faucet at the kitchen sink for filtered water. Once filtered, the water passes through a biophoton generator (see picture), which highly structures the water. I also have installed a device to structure the water as it comes into our home. We believe in this technology!

Highly structured water is wetter

The higher the structure of water, the more Biophotons. They go hand in hand. Did you know that highly structured water is "wetter" than regular water, and therefore softer water.

It cleans mineral deposits out of pipes, water heaters and water coolers and keeps them cleaned out. Wetter water cleans better.


As an example that highly structured water is wetter, a friend of mine in Florida installed Biophoton generators on 4 sprinklers of his center pivot irrigation. Three weeks later I got a phone call from the farm hand. He said that the units were already working.

I was amazed, and wondered how they could see a difference in their corn in just 3 weeks. But it wasn't the corn he saw. The mist from the sprinklers had floated back up and cleaned the chemicals from that entire section irrigation rig. Can you see this in the picture?

Structured water and our swimming pool


We installed a Biophoton generator on the return line of our swimming pool, and put in concentrated sea minerals, 1 part to 4,000 parts water. We couldn't believe the results! Within 4 days the algae problem in our pool was gone, and the water was crystal clear.

I had never seen pool water so clear. The water also felt silky! Within a week of swimming, dry skin problems disappeared. Plus there was no smell of chlorine, though the chlorine level tested normal.


A few weeks later my wife was getting into the pool, and noticed that our 17 year old pool ladder looked brand new! Not only that, but the pool liner had cleaned up.

Since then, we have never had to use algaecide, water clarifier, or pool stain chemicals. We just keep the pH balanced and add a little chlorine to keep the pool sparkling.

Biophotons and gardening

Perhaps from all of this you can see why I am so excited about the health advantages of Biophoton water and sea minerals. Click here to see what people are saying about using concentrated sea minerals in their garden or farm.

If you would like the greatest amount of biophotons in what you grow, then you need to know about MyCorrPlus.

MyCorrPlus helps to restore complete balance to the soil, resulting in produce that is loaded with biophotons.

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