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The Biophoton is a Key to Health.
You can Increase Your Body's Biophotons


"Biophoton" is from bio meaning "life" and photon meaning "light", or literally, the light radiating from life. Every living thing has biophotons, and each emit a tiny amount of light energy. Trace minerals are one of the keys to more biophotons.


Pulsing in and out, the biophoton ranges from just a few up to several hundred photons per second per square centimeter of surface area. Using an electron microscope at 30,000 magnification, you can see the 6 pointed glowing star, the bio-photon.

Of course, a bio-photon is three dimensional and has 8 points. You can get an idea of this by looking at the image to the right.

The biophoton is incredibly important to life. Just as information is transmitted by light energy through fiber optics, our DNA use the frequency vibrations of biophotons to communicate at the speed of light instructions that tell our cells how to replicate and behave, orchestrating the many chemical reactions that need to take place every second. As such, bio-photons are extremely important to life.


This picture shows the low intensity of a biophoton in distilled water, higher intensity in naturally structured well water, and much higher intensity of water structured using a water structuring device.

A newborn child has around 200 to 220 Biophotons per square centimeter. When we reach our 50's we may be down to around 80. In our 60's we may be down to about 60, then 40, 20, and 10. When we run out of Biophotons, we die.

Increasing our Biophotons

Is it possible to improve our body's intercellular communication and even help regenerate our bodies by increasing the amount of biophotons in our body?


Yes. In fact, bio-photons are something like a nutrient that can be assimilated by the body. Your body craves biophotons, and when you eat food or drink water high in regeneroative biophotons, these can help to regenerate your body.

I own a device that dramatically increases the amount of Biophotons in water, plus it increases them in every plant I water with it.

In tests we've done using this highly structured water to water strawberries and corn, it actually increased the brix (the sugar content) in both strawberries and corn by 25%, plus it increased the yield in corn by 6% and the yield in strawberries increased by 10%.

Yes, these increases were simply from watering these plants with water filled with biophoton light energy.

Sea Minerals Help to Attract Biophotons

Each biophoton centers around a mineral. Each mineral resonates at it's own frequency, so an assortment of minerals attracts more biophotons.


Concentrated sea minerals contains all 76 naturally occurring minerals. When I inject them into the water before putting the water through my water structuring device, this full assortment of minerals dramatically increases the number of biophotons in the water, which in turn increases the number of biophotons in my garden. Many of these biophotons are regeneroative, meaning that they regenerate life, acting almost like a fountain of youth for my plants.

A friend's wife purchased some potted flowers but accidentally left them in the trunk of her car. When they came across them over a month later, the plants looked quite dead.

But my friend decided to plant them anyway, and watered them daily with water containing the sea minerals with a biophoton generator screwed onto the end of his garden hose. Much to his surprise, the plants came back to life and flourished! This is Regeneroative biophotons at work!

Biophotons, Sea Minerals, and a Chicken Farm

In Tennessee a chicken farmer with 8 chicken houses totaling 250,000 birds injected low sodium concentrated sea minerals into the drinking water of 4 of his 8 chicken houses. For three consecutive 40 day grow-outs, mortality rates were 50% lower in the 4 houses where the birds received water containing sea minerals.


Then he installed water structuring devices on each of eight chicken houses, and injected the sea minerals into the water before it went through the water structuring device. Mortality rates decreased by a whopping 80% over the number of birds that normally died in a grow-out.

He then took away the concentrated sea minerals, but left the water structuring devices on all 8 houses. With the highly structured water without sea minerals the mortality rate went back up to 50% of the original number.

This demonstrates that both the concentrated liquid sea minerals and the water structuring devices each may be beneficial in animal health.

Biophotons and Gardening

We have seen similar results with gardeners. Both the sea minerals and the water structuring units are helpful in garden growth and health, but the two used together give wonderful results in growing a healthy vegetable garden.

A recent breakthrough in organic growing dramatically increases the carbon sequestration by plants into the soil. The resulting highly structured soil grows more nutrient dense plants, which means even more biophotons in what we eat!

There are three types of biophotons. Our goal is to replenish your body with the third type, Regeneroative. To learn more, click here.

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