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Aussie Sea Minerals
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Whenever I hear the term Aussie Sea Minerals, it is invariably in reference to the sea minerals pioneered by the late Gerry Amena of Queensland, Australia. Gerry had evaporation ponds right on the ocean. During high tide he opened a gate to let ocean water into a pond, then closed the gate to keep it in.

Gerry transferred the water from pond to pond for different stages of evaporation. When 100 gallons of ocean water was concentrated down to 1 gallon, around 99% of the sodium had precipitated out of solution. The sea minerals were then packaged for human consumption and for use in agriculture.

100% to 1%

A special thing happens when you evaporate ocean water down to 1%.

  • When you reach 1%, about 99% of the sodium chloride (NaCl) has precipitated out.
  • At lower than 1%, you start to lose major amounts of valuable magnesium, potassium and sulfates.

By stopping at 1%, Aussie sea minerals are ultra-low in sodium, but retain much of the magnesium, potassium, sulfates, and the many other needed trace minerals found in the ocean.

No more constipation

Gerry packaged these concentrated sea minerals for human consumption, and named them Pure Aussie. When my wife and I started taking Pure Aussie a few years back, suddenly we noted that our constipation was gone, and it has never come back!

Pure Aussie is marketed under a number of names in the USA, including the name Ionic Sea Minerals.  I have found them to be especially good for sports rehydration.


Ionic versus Colloidal

I personally really like the name Ionic Sea Minerals. It helps to highlight the stark difference between 
liquid ionic sea minerals and colloidal minerals.

  • Colloidal minerals are a small enough particulate that they stay suspended in solution, but are still much too large to be readily utilized by the body.

  • Ionic minerals are atoms that have an extra electron, or have had one of their electrons stripped off. Their electrons do not match the number of their protons, and therefore they have a positive or negative electrical charge. This electrical charge makes them very useful to the body.

Water soluble and available

Because of their electrical charge, ionic minerals are a bit unstable, but this allows them to easily bond with water. Yes, they are water soluble! They are also the size of atoms, which means they can move freely from the colon into the blood stream, and from the blood stream into the cells.


When seawater is evaporated completely down to solid form, the minerals form various salt combinations. When you re-liquefy these salts, they return to their former ionic form. This is why a person can dissolve 3.5 cc of full mineral sea salt into 96.5 cc of distilled water to roughly replicate ocean water. This is helpful for those who have an aquarium for salt water fish.

Ionic minerals are electrolytes

Ionic minerals readily conduct electricity, and are called 
electrolytes. Ionic minerals are the form of mineral found in our blood and throughout the body. Our bodies need them to generate and conduct tiny electrical impulses. It is these impulses that the brain uses to communicate with the rest of the body. Without ionic mineral electrolytes, nothing in the body can work.

Ionic minerals are good for plants


Although there are a number of other sea mineral products, Aussie sea minerals are the perfect form of sea minerals for fertilizer. Too much sodium is toxic to plants, and can burn them, but Gerry's sea minerals are very low in sodium. With his minerals, you can feed plants as many trace minerals as they desire without overloading them with sodium. Giving plants a full portion of sea minerals can have wonderful health effects.

There is now a product that helps to transport Gerry Amena's sea minerals better into plants. Along with these wonderful sea mineral nutrients, it also helps to transform the soil!

Some say that Gerry Amena was a genius. I agree. Experts estimate that 90% of Americans suffer from mineral imbalance and deficiency. Gerry's Aussie sea minerals have such great potential to help people improve their health, and the health and nutrition of what they grow.

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