nutrient dense grass

Healthy Vegetable Gardening

Healthy vegetable gardening - for a healthier you!

Most soils are sick and depleted
of essential nutrients
important trace minerals.

Replacing trace minerals can help us grow powerful, healing foods, which may result in:

  • Chronic health conditions fading away
  • Extra pounds dropping off
  • Aches and pains disappearing
  • Increase in energy
  • Feeling good most of the time


Improving your garden may literally help to restore your health! Here is how it works:


1. Healthy Soil

2. Healthy Plants

3. Healthy You

1. Healthy Soil


If ever “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, it is here. Healthy vegetable gardening begins by focusing on a few basic needs of the SOIL. Get this right, and you can avoid many common plant diseases and pests, and end up with healthy vegetables and fruits! What does the soil need?


2. Healthy Plants

There is no need to stumble through all the mistakes that most beginning gardeners make. It doesn’t take a green thumb to do healthy vegetable gardening, just a little knowledge. Each plant in your garden has its own needs and preferences


Some plants are more picky than others. Give them the right conditions, and your plants will thrive!

What a plant needs:

  • The right amount of sunlight and water
  • Suitable growing temperatures
  • The right soil fertility and pH
  • Healthy soil microbial life
  • Protection from pests and weeds

Though plants have their preferences, if you provide the basics listed above, they become less sensitive to specific needs, and supply you with highly nutritious foods.

3. Healthy You


Healthy vegetable gardening isn’t only about growing nutrient dense food. It is also about what you do with that food. Things like:

  1. Choosing well what to plant
  2. Eating produce when its fresh
  3. Eating some of it raw
  4. Making homemade pro-biotics
  5. Juicing vegetables and fruits

When it comes to human health, the body can be very forgiving if supplied a few necessary things, like good nutrition, probiotics, and exercise. 

Happy Gardening!





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